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Sanctuary of dehlyn

Book 1 of The Unclaimed Trilogy

Sanctuary of Dehlyn Ebook Cover IBA.jpg
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One woman with the mind of a child, and the world’s ancient secrets are trapped within her.

When Kherron meets her, he wishes he hadn’t. Beholden to the man who purchased his freedom from the Iron Pit, he cannot deny Torrahs this one request—get to know the woman-child named Dehlyn. He also cannot reconcile the gorgeous woman with the stunted, naïve, unnatural workings of her innocent mind. And yet, she’s been placed under his care.

On the night he saves her life, Dehlyn transforms, revealing the otherworldly power of the creature she has always been—the creature who, for centuries, no one but Kherron has seen. She asks him to make a vow, to protect her at all costs, and when he can do nothing but submit to such a promise, the world he knows unravels.

The immortals are at war. Beings wielding forbidden magic run rampant across Eldynia. Powerful men will stop at nothing to pry the world’s mysteries from Dehlyn’s mind, and all the rules are changing. Kherron’s path lies at the center, but if he’s to protect Dehlyn at all costs, first he must find her.

“The initial novel of a planned series must provide enough magnetism to assure the reader will follow the story through the series. Kathrin excels in that capacity, making a fantasy world so appealing with characters who strangely enough come fully to life. This combination of magic, sorcery, passion, mystery and secrets should provide satisfaction even for the most selective audience… The manner of interaction between these central characters is so well shaped that they become unforgettable, assuring the reader that the other books in The Unclaimed series will blossom fully.

This is very strong writing from an author who truly understands her craft.” -Grady Harp, San Francisco Review of Books

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