Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and a Taste of Exquisite Darkness

My First TV Interview as an International Bestselling Indie Author: It's Getting Real.

Today, I had the absolute pleasure of joining Local 22 and Local 44 News here in Colchester, Vermont to talk about Sleepwater Beat. What an incredible experience! And a serious blast. Check out the full interview below and the great short article they left on their website. And now I’ve got TV under my belt too!


Kathrin Hutson is from Colchester, Vermont and has been writing fantasy fiction and sci-fi since 2000.

Hutson has just published her new book, ‘Sleepwater Beat,’ which was a finalist in the 2019 International Book Awards.

While maintaining her indie-publishing status, Kathrin has become an international bestseller.

In a June 2019 review in the San Francisco Review of Books, ‘Sleepwater Beat’ was called a “very powerful and satisfying novel.”

Hutson tells us that being an author and an independent editor has helped improve not just her writing but that of other authors as well.

Mystery, adventure, extraordinarily unique unveiling of human powers, and a very fine LGBTQ romance all combine in Kathrin’s skilled hands to create a very powerful and satisfying novel – and one that has fine potential for a blockbuster film! This author has polished skills.”


If you are looking for that ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ meets ‘X-Men,’ ‘Sleepwater Beat’ might be for you.