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Guest Appearance on the Books and Authors Fantasy Podcast

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I had an incredible time on the show with Jamie Davis of Fantasy Focus. We covered SO many things, from ghostwriting professionally, to why Keelin in Daughter of the Drackan is such a badass female lead, to the lack of non-romantic speculative fiction with LGBTQ characters (which it turns out we’re both trying to remedy). Plus the importance of writing stories and characters out of your comfort zone and how much fun it can be once you let yourself do it.

J: So many epic fantasies to date have been male-centric, with male characters, and I love that that is changing.

K: Yeah, I’ve had so many readers comment on the fact that they absolutely love that Keelin doesn’t need a man. Doesn’t need anyone to save her. She’s the one who is inadvertently saving other women or inadvertently turning things right when she doesn’t mean to. That’s not her intention at all. There is a love interest within the duology of Gyenona’s Children but it does not drive the plot, and it doesn’t change who Keelin is. Whatever kind of romance comes in becomes more of an obstacle for her. I really wanted when I was writing this to make a character who was super badass and could do whatever she wanted, and did whatever she wanted, while also not having to use her physical attributes as a woman in order to get things done.

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