Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and a Taste of Exquisite Darkness

Sleepwater Beat showcased on

What a fantastic piece of coverage for Sleepwater Beat in Reader's Entertainment Magazine! I'm thrilled to see my new international bestseller getting some love, too - and a new door opens for me in Dystopian Sci-Fi / LGBT Thrillers!

The series is driven by a unique ability Hutson dubs “the beat,” a refreshing new spin on traditional superpowers rarely seen in science fiction. ~

Words can kill. Hers are deadlier than bullets. Listen.” A blockbuster, cinematic experience from beginning to end.

What would a world look like in which words had even more power than the people who wielded them? Leo Tieffler has always had the ability to make people believe anything she says—really believe. This is the driving force of the Amazon and Kobo international bestseller Sleepwater Beat, a fast-paced, near-future dystopian sci-fi novel, by local Vermont author Kathrin Hutson.