Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and a Taste of Exquisite Darkness

Fall Fantasy Interview Series: #5

Today, Jason Pere interviews author Virginia Carraway Stark on her new novel 'Carnival Fun'.

1. Pop Quiz Hot Shot, you sit down to write then story that you have been itching to get on the page and all of a sudden it’s nothing but blank pages and writers block. What do you do?

I start writing random words that come to mind. Seriously, get any words onto the page. Anything! If that doesn't break things loose I usually go have a bath and take a good novel with me. It's amazing what reading and relaxing can do for writer's block. I usually have a lot of different projects on the go, so switching between them lets my subconscious have time to actively work on my blocks. Usually I'll have as many as ten projects open on my laptop at any given time, and if inspiration strikes I'll switch to where the inspiration leads me. Ultimately, my tactic seems to be: don't force it, let it come. At the same time I keep my writing brain active so that my productivity doesn't flag.

2. Have you ever written something that got you so emotional that you had to take a break and find something to blow your nose with?

I was about four hours into the 24-hour poetry marathon when I found out my grandmother died. The very next poem was called: My Tears. In the marathon, you have to spend 24 hours writing a poem an hour, I think it was about eight hours of poems that I wrote out about my grandmother one after another. I cried my heart out each time I wrote one of the poems. By the time I was finished, it was like I had 'power grieved'. I was so at peace with the loss it was startling! I still get a little weepy about some of them when I read them.

3. Can you describe for us your writing style in eight words or less?

I write like I talk.

4. When your inner narrator speaks, who do they sound like?

It really depends. I guess I'm one of those writers that has a lot of different voices. I've been told that what I am working on can really affect my cadences and demeanor in real life. If I'm reading something of someone else's, usually it will be in a neutral version of my own reading voice.

5. Do you try to use your art to convey a particular message to the rest of the world?

I try to share my passion with the world through my writing. I want people to laugh and love and feel all the emotions there are to feel, and to come through it all and realize that they now have a better understanding of themselves for unlocking their heart's passions. I don't expect one story of mine to take them through all these emotions but I think by being totally open in my writing, and bleeding and loving and playing so freely on the page, I help other people to find the keys for their own hearts. At least, that's the hope I carry.

6. Is there any sort of content that you refuse to write?

If something feel honest to the writing, I will write it even if it is something that I find completely repugnant. The only content I would refuse to write would be to force characters to be out of character or to twist a story out of what feels honest to me.

Virginia's novel 'Carnival Fun' releases next week, on October 28th! Keep an eye out for this great new work of dark Fantasy.